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A challenge beyond the match

How sports companies are turning their businesses through digital platforms

During the last years, the marketing topic is starting to play a huge role in sports companies: a key success factor that should not be underestimated. 17th April, Milan. We hosted just for you two really important champions: Federico Palomba (Co-Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Digital at Juventus FC) and Daniele Mazzanti (Social Media Manager and Video Producer at NBA Italia).

Juventus: the new positioning

As first, Palomba started talking about Juventus: it is one of the most ancient soccer clubs in Europe considering that the Agnelli’s family has been managing it for more than 90 years and this gives the club stability.Talking about positioning, Palomba said the emergence of the digital era made a new positioning compulsory, always respecting the traditional club’s values. He worked on a new logo which now includes 4 brand features:

  1. First, he started from the brand essence: life is a matter of black and white, there is no shade.

  2. Second, he showed the brand values of forever and wherever.

  3. Third, he explained the brand personality which has to be bold, elegant and proud.

  4. Last but not least, the brand positioning must be confident, innovative and contemporary Italian way (he wanted the club to be Italian but with an international touch).

Not just football: how can the Black and White club be something else?

Palomba also talked about how the club is becoming a sport entertainment team which means “not only football”. This goal can be achieved thanks to digital assets which let the company work in more ways on the brand.

So they developed a new brand essence: “Black and White and MORE”. That “MORE” for meaning there is something more additional in a football club such a contamination between sport and music events.

Moreover, the company worked on storytelling: it created “11” (eleven) focusing on the women target who are hyperactive on social media and created a Hollywood football club with the best feminine players from all over the world.

Another topic is connected to children working on something special that goes beyond the simple gadgets: opening soccer schools and creating tv cartoons with the mascot “Zebrotta”.

Let’s get a digital focus on Juventus’ world!

Palomba also told the public about a digital focus and its details:

the website it is written in 6 different languages. Contents are not only translated, but also localized which means there cannot be the same story for such different markets

social media are everywhere and the engagement is enormous. Even though it a small-medium enterprise, it has a really big brand.

the digital era gave a great contribution in having new fans: the company worked on managing social media in an active way, then it went to the fans pushing contents to them.

It is really interesting knowing that for each competition there is the development of ad hoc marketing campaign. For example, the last one related to the match against Real Madrid was called TOGETHER.

In addition, it is the first club with an original documentary made by Netflix.

To conclude, Palomba said they are straight to a new cultural change turning football in sport entertainment.

What about NBA?

Daniele Mazzanti, from NBA Italia, started talking about how NBA is a niche in the country as it is after football and motorcycle.

The league was found in 1946 and got its fame mainly thanks to Michael Jordan. In the basketball world, he still is the “You love to win easy” and it is estimated his presence through a poster on the wall in everyone’s bedroom.

What does it mean being the social media manager at NBA Italia?

The work done by Mazzanti consists in showing what the overseas players did and this means selecting the right content.

This kind of work has two goals: answering to the tune-in and creating engagement (everything you do on social media must answer to a problem or need).

The problem related to the target shows that on the social platform is necessary not to talk just to real fanatic fans (who stay awake all night to watch the match), but also to the ones who do not watch it.

…And in the end, is the world ready for the new sport entertainment?

In the end, the entertainment side is turning crucial in sports companies. It is based on marketing activities which have a rapid growth thanks to digital. Social networks represent an empowering tool that should be declined to the culture of target…

Is your company ready for the social media revolution?

Written by: Carlotta Zanzi

Edited by: Giulia Mattioli

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