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A Digital Christmas

A Digital Christmas

The great holiday season has finally arrived. Grab your hot chocolate, put on your Santa hat and let’s get shopping!! Online, that is.

The times have evolved, and so have shoppers. As people are steering away from the traditional in-store shopping that has stressed out mothers since the dawn of time, there is now nothing more festive than Christmas shopping in the comfort of your own home. While shoppers are relieving the burden of going to stores, looking for gifts, and waiting in ridiculously long lines, that burden has been recently passed on to the traditional retailers. As shoppers are spending as much online as they did in physical stores, retailers are losing the revenue to keep the physical store afloat. It is up to them now to adapt to consumers’ wishes, and bring the gifts to them.


Television is the place most corporations take their Christmas campaigns too, but advertising consumption has changed in many ways. While many now choose to skip ad breaks, some choose to stop watching television altogether. The truth is, the money spent on TV commercials is a Christmas blunder, and companies need to learn the ins and outs of digital campaigning.

As some major companies are moving away from the big screen and on to the small ones, they are reaching the largest demographic possible: Millennials. With countless hours spent on their smartphones daily, this seemingly obsessive behavior with their mobiles means Christmas shopping can happen anytime, anywhere.


Even online, consumers are using different devices to help them do their shopping. The use of the Google Home and Alexa is creating new opportunities for marketers to expand their audiences. It may be time for retailers to explore less-used, growing formats of digital tools.

The growth of digital shopping has intensified, and this means habits are changing during the holiday season. Adopting an omni-channel strategy allows retailers to collect data to be able to reach their consumers whenever, wherever, and however. With this strategy, retailers can say goodbye to coal in their stockings, and kiss their earnings under the mistletoe.

Written by: Erica Blotto

Edited by: Shawn Chang

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