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#DGTheGreatShow Turned "Dead & Gone"


Hours before Dolce & Gabbana’s fashion show in Shanghai, China, outrage was displayed over its ad campaign promoting the show. What was presented by the fashion house as a “‘tribute to China,’” many saw as a lack of respect by the Italian haute couture house due to its suggestive racism: a Chinese model eating traditional Italian dishes with chopsticks, along with Chinese music playing in the background while simultaneously being patronized by a narrator. While few had taken this lightly, high-profile Chinese celebrities and modeling agencies had chosen to withdraw from the show, which was ultimately cancelled.


The fashion house has faced similar controversy multiple times in the past. In previous campaigns, Dolce & Gabbana encountered harsh criticism for depicting slavery, homophobia, and violence against women.

Diet Prada, a popular Instagram account which criticizes high fashion, has posted a conversation between designer Stefano Gabbana and his recipient regarding Gabbana’s thoughts on China after the show cancellation:

Following these incredibly degrading promotions were apologies, but those can only hold so much weight. With the large following of these Chinese celebrities, D&G is unlikely to bounce back from a controversial event of this magnitude.


With this campaign largely affecting its relevance in China, D&G will expect to face a huge financial blow. The Chinese market spends roughly €63 billion on luxury goods a year, around 33% of the world’s luxury market. Again, with the large international following of the celebrities who have withdrawn from the show, consumers from all regions will end up turning their heads away from the brand. This will force the fashion house to reconstruct its business model, and reflect on these past controversies to even think about becoming one of the top brands in the luxury goods market again.

Written by: Shawn Chang

Edited by: Erica Blotto

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