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Enriching the Customer Experience in the Wine Industry

“Whoever said less is more clearly wasn’t a wine drinker” (somebody on the internet).

Last Monday BSMS and B.Wine held a very special conference for all wine lovers. The wine industry is at the same time fascinating and troubling, because even though lots of people love wine, this sector has to face the challenges that digitalization and innovation inevitably have brought. Especially in Italy, wine production offers excellent quality and unique flavors, and its market has huge potentials.

Our three guests know that very well, given that much of their ideas and strategy are based on exploiting the opportunities that this modern and technological world offers.

The first of our three guests was Filippo Galanti, CEO and founder of Divinea. This Italian startup has built a large network of wineries that allows clients to book exclusive experiences and wine and food tasting events in several different wineries and locations throughout Italy. Finding the right type of experience that you’re looking for has never been easier, Divinea has been able to exploit new opportunities to make the world of wine accessible to anyone. All you need to do is choosing what event is best for your on their website. Their network has been constantly growing and it’s not stopping, as new wineries keep coming in.

Our second guest was Mateo Pinzon, business developer of Vinhood, another startup that was also founded based on the idea of taking advantage of the many possibilities born out of technology improvement. Vinhood created specific algorithms that can predict people’s tastes. After a simple quiz, Vinhood will tell you what your wine preferences are with unbelievable accuracy. It’s a virtual sommelier that can help you find the right wine for your taste or for a special dinner. Two more versions are coming soon: the quiz for coffee and the quiz for liquors. Like Divinea, Vinhood also has created a wide network: Esselunga, Eataly and Lavazza are but a few of their many partners.

Last but not least, Valeria Righetti, senior brand manager of Dom Perignon and Moet Hennessy, told us about the many challenges that these luxury brands in the wine industry have to cope with. One of the most important things for them is that these brands must be perceived as something special, that you should drink only on important occasions (you can’t usually find Dom Perignon in supermarkets).

I think the key lesson, shared by all three, is that in the world of consumers of today it’s necessary to focus on the experience, rather than the product. This is true for every industry, but the wine sector is maybe even more subject to this way of thinking. Many studies confirm that tastes are affected by other psychological factors (like packaging, scents…) and focusing on the wine itself is therefore no longer enough.

Written by: Nicola Curci

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