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How marketing is creating distance to stick together

Companies have found their way to communicate effectively even during this tough period. Indeed, Coronavirus is unavoidably changing our habits and our daily routines, imposing very strict rules: no handshakes, no hugs, no kisses. Therefore, some companies have decided to spread their message of support, inviting people to keep the safe social distance. But how? They have not limited themselves to write simple slogans like “stay apart” or “keep the distance” but they have found very original ways to communicate the same message.

Let’s give a closer look to the most powerful campaigns:

"Staying apart is the best way to stay united"

A huge billboard in the center of Manhattan, New York City, shows the usual Coca Cola logo with a very smart difference, letters are detached to confirm the importance of staying apart during these difficult days.

Where's Chiquita?

The historical company, producer and seller of bananas, has posted on social media its logo with Miss Chiquita missing … cause she’s already at home!

Volkswagen and Audi

The Volkswagen Group has decided to raise social awareness distancing momentarily the V from the W, while Audi shows its four circles apart.


The most famous fast food chain in the world took the challenge too, publishing, a few days ago, on the Brazilian social networks the iconic logo with separated golden arches. However, people didn’t appreciate it, accusing McDonald’s “to turn this pandemic into an award brief”, followed by the company’s decision to remove the campaign.

All companies, apart for some exceptions (media, supermarket, retail healthcare and telecom), are fully living a crisis so, in my personal opinion, finding a way to reach consumers and gaining visibility giving at the same time a responsible massage is what marketing specialists are supposed to do. Seen how, at the same time, these brands are donating to support this sanitary emergency. Here just a few examples: in Atlanta (USA), Coca cola donated a huge amount of plastic to be turned into more than fifty thousand surgical shields; Chiquita donated, across the U.S., one million bananas to support communities impacted by Covid-19; in Italy McDonald’s donated one million euro to finance healthcare treatments; the Volkswagen group is using its Chinese logistic chain to donate medical equipment to doctors and hospitals in Germany.

To conclude, companies have demonstrated once again that marketing campaigns can go further than profit purpose, sending a positive message to the community, together with proper actions to help hospitals in need.

Written by: Virginia Fazzini

Edited by: Nicola Curci

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