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How much do you know about Fashion Collaborations?

Over the years, we might have witnessed unusual brand collaborations in the fashion world and asked ourselves, did those collaborations work well? Why did they even collaborate? What was the purpose behind it? And let’s agree with the fact that the answer is not always evident.

On this blog, we try will today to analyse different types of collaborations which were trendy, astonishing or unexpected. But first, let’s understand what collaborations are. In simple words, collaborations are about brands, giving their fans amazing experiences through unique associations with specific characters.

Here’s a list of different types of fashion collaborations and their stories


The Swedish giant H&M has been collaborating with well-known designer brands since 2004 to launch what they call the ‘capsule collections’. H&M’s first ever collaboration was with Karl Lagerfeld and saw throngs of style-seekers storming H&M stores around the world to scoop up the first moderately priced collection from the world-famous Chanel designer. By the end of the first day, the collection got sold out and H&M has never grown so fast since then.

The collection was successful for a clear reason. If the mass market was attracted by the luxury sector and if the upmarket customers were getting their kicks from fashionable fripperies at inexpensive stores, then why not formalise the relationship? Luxury brands had the chance to prove that they too could talk street, while the chain store would benefit from the glitter, and lots of free publicity for everyone.


Today it’s the Instagram generation! For a brand to stay relevant among Millennials, it has to be one of them. And the best way to do so is getting into lucrative partnerships with influencers, bloggers or models who share sheer popularity on social media!

One of the most talked collaborations, which turned the tables for Tommy Hilfiger, is the one with supermodel Gigi Hadid. Started in the fall of 2016, the collaboration is still ongoing and Tommy has been creating a capsule collection every year with Gigi. The Tommy x Gigi Collection is now habitual during catwalks.

Moreover, Tommy Now, the brand’s see now, buy now initiative, erases the usual six-month wait between the runway and retail and allows for an instant gratification. Indeed, all of the clothes shown during Fashion Week get instantly available. As soon as the show begins, savvy shoppers could order $130 sweatshirts or a $460 pair of sheer overalls through the label’s website, its social media accounts, the event livestream, and TommyNow Snap, an image-recognition app.

It is not a usual sighting to see celebs and designers find a special bond. Either the celebrity becomes the designer muse or the two team up forces and personality to bring you the ultimate fashion trend. In either way, the outcome is a clothing line likely to be sold out in few days.


Let’s move to music! Music has been a source of inspiration for fashion since a long time. Till long ago, communities have been able to establish fashion cultures on a specific music genre.

Recently, Armani Exchange had a successful retail collaboration with the Dutch DJ Martin Garrix. From June 23 to June 28, a historic tram in Milan carried the collection while moving around the city. The consumers, or Martin fans, could hop in and buy the special collection. There was a photo booth installed and the participants with the best picture, wearing the brand’s signature garments, could win a chance to meet Martin Garrix. Now, this is a creative way of showcasing the collection thereby making the exceptional collaboration buzz worthy! Another excellent example of fashion collaboration with the music world has been that of Drake x LouisVuitton. For the spring/summer 2018 menswear show, the fashion house asked Drake to create a soundtrack for the show and the singer came up with a bespoke track named ‘Signs’, with Drake’s unmistakable R&B melodies and softly spat Hip-Hop lyric.

These are just few examples that signal an increasing trend in the fashion industry. The plethora of collaborations is way of increasing brand awareness and strengthening brand personality, and brands are starting to notice the positive effects. The rest is left to the bandwagon effect and the fear of missing out the next profitable trend.

Brands hope that, by collaborating with artists, influencers and musicians, they can continue to innovate and grow in ways they may not have even imagined solely on their own. After all, as Einstein said, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on”.

Written by: Jay Bhuta

Edited by: Erica Blotto

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