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Over the past few years, a super-and-healthy food obsession has spread among people, especially – if not only – among social media users. Avocados, mangos, blueberries and matcha-based recipes have considerably made their entry on the European tables and restaurant menus in 2016.

Which is the reason for this food obsession? Certainly, their “healthy aura” plays a significant role in explaining their boom in consumption. All the foods listed above are worshipped by fitness gurus since they are right considered the top nutritious food on the market: for example, blueberries and matcha powder are full of antioxidants; avocado, not light at all, it’s rich in monounsaturated fats. But this can’t be all, since, as James Watson suggests, also eating broccoli (thanks to their sulfur compounds) help to reduce cancer risk, but they are not as popular as their other healthy brothers!

I guess – let’s be honest, I totally believe – that the main reason behind the “avo/matcha/and so on culture” is… just the fact that they are Instagram-friendly.

Influencers play their part

In each “What I ate in a day” Youtube video teenagers and young adults with millions of subscribers show a kind of uniform daily food routine: a colorful smoothie bowl for breakfast, a Starbucks matcha latte to go, an “avo-toast” for lunch, salmon and sweet potato fries for dinner. It’s the same if you scroll through your Instagram feed: a picture of this kind of superhealthy food is likely to get much more likes than a “simple” and boring photo of a dish of pasta.

Food and Social Media:

Social media helped healthy-food businesses to boost over the past year: in Italy, the sharp increase in the exotic fruit demand led to a considerable increased in its price. The “tropical threat” is temporarily not a big deal for the Italian market since not only those fruits aren’t (for now) considered a substitute for domestic produced food, but also because our oranges and grapevines are considered “exotic” for the foreign markets (despite not so photogenic).

Which is going to be the next food trend in 2017-2018?

We should probably ask either to the most popular IG influencer which kind of color the will like to have on their personal feed (maybe they are starting to get bored of this green) or to worldwide fitness gurus which aliment, always consumed, is going to be chosen to be the new super-healthy-with-incredible-nutritions-that-will-win-any-disease food.

An exception: you can even be a dragon fruit (the most photogenic food in the world) but you can’t get as many likes as a pizza (it does not prevent cancer, but it definitely makes you feel better).

Written by: Priscilla Greggio

Edited by: Axel Castiglioni

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