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Instagram: a brand campaign booster to make you successful

Nowadays everybody knows how to use Instagram. You take a picture, or maybe a selfie, you post it on your profile and share it with a friend. Easy.

But do you know that Instagram is a social network extremely useful to create a successful campaign for your brand?

That’s exactly what we are going to talk about: how to create a great insta campaign.

How to design insta campaigns – an overall strategy

An Instagram marketing campaign is exactly what it seems like: a campaign designed to either create brand awareness or sell products by using in a strategic way Instagram. It might be obvious but first of all we have to plan our goal-driven strategy consisting of 4 fundamental steps:

  1. Choose a target: social media platforms have a lot of different options to allow managers to target specific users, for example by using strategic hashtags.

  2. Select really carefully the best ways to reach your audience.

  3. Create a message congruent with the selected target to be appealing.

  4. Establish a budget. That should be accurate and give you the possibility to cooperate and involve others in your campaign, as maybe Influencers.

Influencers: yes or no?

Is it so important to have an influencer promoting your brand? Answer is yes, definitely yes. By choosing the influencer that most represents your brand you would be able to increase interactions with your page, create engagement, increase your followers and create a positive brand reputation. The influencer might post pictures or video showing the products on his its personal page or promoting them by using Instagram stories.But be careful when you choose your coworkers: expenses must be aligned with the budget you have previously established. When you negotiate with your collaborators be extremely clear on what your objectives are. It is important that you give them specific guidelines. Remember, it is your product that they’re trying to boost, so it should be advertised in the exactly way you’re thinking to. It could be useful to create a moodboard showing the contents of your product you’re expecting the Influencer to show.

How long? Create your editorial plan

Once you’ve settled all these previous things proceed by creating a plan for your Instagram campaign, organize a roadmap and ask yourself these questions: how long should I run my campaign? How many posts should I publish daily/weekly/monthly? Am I going to take the picture myself or hire a photographer? Remember: the more you post at the beginning of your campaign the better it is!

Other element: schedule posts. By doing so you won’t forget to publish your contents and respect the timeline you’ve established. Scheduling post is also extremely interesting since give you more time to focus on your audience: reply to their comments, comment their photos, entertain them with stories… just create engagement!

Last but not least … use hashtags and find out which are the better hours of the day to publish your posts trying to understand which contents people like the most, which kind of pictures (maybe taken in open air, b&w pictures, specific filters, fish eye pictures etc…) and especially the hashtags they use. Hashtags are in fact a great instrument to create awareness without extra costs especially at the beginning when your brand is still not known.

Just to summarize what we have told before: Instagram is a great channel for businesses to achieve their marketing goals. There are some basic guidelines you could find useful to follow as you’re planning your Instagram marketing campaign.

Hope everything goes as you planned and hope to see you soon being Insta famous!

Written by: Cecilia Conti

Edited by: Giulia Mattioli

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