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Is the future of marketing in tailor-made packaging?

Let’s admit all of our faults: how many times you went shopping for that one thing only and ended up buying stuff you didn’t really need (but thought it was too cute to be left unattended in the shop)? And when you got home, you justified it because it was just really calling out your name?

If you remember Nutella’s or Coca-Cola’s packaging labels a couple of years back, you probably know what I’m talking about: as much as I can’t blame this for my Nutella addiction, I clearly remember to have bought a couple of bottles of coke with my name on it- and believe me, I don’t even like coke.


All-customized-everything is a trend that it’s still on the rise: a more “tailor-made” philosophy is what brands seem to adopt to offer services and products for their customers and give them a unique and unforgettable experience. Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects is packaging design.

In today’s marketing perspective, a product’s pack or label can be the differentiator that drives purchase, loyalty and engagement among consumers.

It is a powerful tool to stand out from the competition by delivering rich, customized packaging solutions that aim not only to sell a product, but they can also tell a story, or can express the brand’s value. Having a memorable presentation affects perception and will keep customers returning again and again.

Anticipating the needs of those who buy is the only winning move for companies. In a consumer society like the present one, it is crucial to offer the consumers what is already present in their mind.


Nowadays, brands have to create something that is versatile, prêt-à-porter, trendy, sustainable, functional, with visual features that make the products shareable on social media. Lush Cosmeticshas been a pioneer in building their image around a minimal, organic, fun way to wrap their goods that perfectly matches the liking of their target: people who care about the environment but still like to enjoy something frivolous like a bath fizz or a face mask.


Not only that, but it looks like that customers like when packaging can be re-used as a proper item of its own, giving customer also a tangible benefit: in Malaysia, the grocery chain Tesco designed a reusable shopping bag in order to reduce plastic waste and encouraged shoppers to make new purchases by embedding a discount barcode in the design to be used whenever they used said bag.


Definitely, aiming at enhancing packaging design is a winning choice in the context of a marketing strategy: in terms of building brand loyalty, a company has to know that customers are more likely to give their trust to a brand that knows who they are, what do they need and how much effort is put to meet their expectations.

Written by: Chiara Estini

Edited by: Erica Blotto

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