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Magmun x Dante: a poetry of flavours

To celebrate the 700 years since the death of the poet Dante Alighieri, a series of cultural activities and exhibitions dedicated to the author of the Divine Comedy has been scheduled in Italy. Even the world of marketing is paying homage to the poet.

Indeed, the ice cream company Magnum, a brand of the Unilever group, has launched a promotional campaign for three new flavours of the ice cream, in limited edition, dedicated to the three canticles of Dante.

At the moment, for reasons of cultural affiliation, Magnum carries out this campaign focusing exclusively on the Italian territory. This campaign is done in partnership with the Dante Alighieri Society, an Italian cultural institution. The promotion of Magnum limited edition includes an ice cream dedicated to each canticle, presented through a poetic verse, which serves as a suggestion on the probable taste of the ice cream, intriguing the consumer.

  • Magnum Inferno: released on the market in March and April 2021, " Del salato fondente, dolce amore, mi prese quel piacer sì forte che come vedi sapor ha di lampone”.

  • Magnum Purgatorio: which will be distributed in May and June 2021, "Sovra candido vel di cioccolato caramello doppio, dorato manto ricolmo di gelato biscottato”.

  • Magnum Paradiso: which will be distributed in July and August 2021, “Di cacao rosa disio ribelle, bianco e pistacchio mio anelare. Sapor che move il sole e l’altre stelle”.

Magnum and the link with pleasure:

Since the first advertising of Magnum products, the company has always focused on being perceived as an attractive brand, which tempts the consumer with its products.

The communication strategy is built to enchant consumers and drag them into a vortex of pleasure for the taste (gluttony) that also involves other senses and of which it is difficult to get rid, just as in the case of Paolo and Francesca in Canto V of Inferno. So the link with Inferno, hell, seen in its romantic connotation of place of sin and passion, is quite in line with the image of the brand itself. The link with the other canticles is then traced with the anniversary that is celebrated this year, the 700 years since the death of the poet. The ice cream then, like Dante in the Comedy, could make a journey towards its purification: from gluttony sin to heavenly ecstasy.

Desacralization of the sacred: Sacred and Profane are key concepts in the history of marketing and here we will not digress on these concepts, but we will focus on the process of desacralization of the sacred in the profane (Russell W. Belk) using as an example the marketing campaign of Dante X Magnum.

Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso, from otherworldly places and traditionally associated with religiosity, are transformed into merchandise and become functional for the sales of a product, devoid of links with the sphere of the transcendent.

Process of association between Literature and Taste

The Magnum website presents the campaign for these limited editions: "Magnum, the highest expression of pleasure in the world of ice cream, celebrates Dante with a tribute to his Divine Comedy, the highest expression of art in the history of Italian literature".

This association between an ice cream and the literary work of Dante aims to promote the products of Magnum, comparing them to the most famous masterpiece of Italian literature, with the aim of making the brand perceived not only as a leader in taste, but also as a promoter of culture: more than just an ice cream, a poetry of flavours.

Written by: Francesco Sorbino

Edited by: Nicola Curci




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