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Marketing Takeaways from the Top 5 Movies for Marketing

You don’t know how to spend your curfew evenings? BSMS has got you covered with the top 5 movies that a marketer should watch at least once. Each of these movies has precise marketing takeaways that, once acknowledged, could help you to think outside the box and become a more receptive and successful marketer. Here we summarized for you the ones we thought were the most relevant marketing takeaways, enjoy your reading and don’t forget to watch the movies if you haven’t done so yet!

Takeaways from The Founder:

You do not have to have a completely original idea, you can improve on an existing one. Not only is ‘original’ a highly unattainable, highly unlikely scenario (because let’s face it there’s no such thing as original anyway). Key point – just make sure your idea solves a problem and this will start you off on the right foot. Do your research. Understand the market. Before you dive straight in. Take a look at your competitors. Research the potential threats in the industry. Understand your strengths, your point of difference and what opportunities are present. Never rely on a hand-shake deal. There must be a contract. Sign on the dotted line. Different countries have different laws around business contracts, but you are best to put something in writing.

Takeaways from Moneyball:

Think Differently.The majority isn’t always right, yet we tend to accept that since everyone else is doing it then it must be right. Well, that can be a recipe for disaster.

Think Results.It’s not about traffic, likes, tweets etc. It is about the results – wins! Do what works for your business and if you have not discovered it yet, keep planting the seeds until the success that really matters starts to come.

Make a Plan and See It Through.In marketing you have to have a little faith and some patience too. It’s tempting to instantly jump on board when the next new rookie comes to town – Don’t do it! Why dive into Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter just to leave it all behind for the “next big thing”? Moneyball teaches us to stick to the plan until you see it through.

Takeaways from The Social Network:

Build word of mouth into the product. Products that can improve your social status will encourage natural word of mouth

Make Your Product Exclusive. Exclusivity can increase the perceived value of a product as we tend to value things that are difficult to attain.

Use Key Influencers to Spread your Idea. Reach out to well-connected people who are likely to talk about you.

Ads are not cool. Many people dislike ads and perceive them as annoying or uncool. If you are targeting an audience that has a strong dislike of ads, then it may be more effective to reach them through other marketing channels.

Takeaways from Thank You For Smoking:

Try to always exploit situations to your advantage. Often public figures and the press attempt to use events to their advantage to gain public sympathy and support for their cause. This is quite a common practice in politics for example. This shows that a marketer always needs to find a way to exploit a situation to his/her advantage, also when it might seem something harmful for the company.

Is Marketing Always an Ethical Business? Another business point that the film briefly touches base on is the nature of unethical marketing to minors and other individuals. This is alluded to when they mention that cigarette companies use cartoon characters and other symbols to try and attract children into purchasing the cigarettes

Takeaways from What Women Want:

Disguise your message. No one is interested in receiving a job pitch, just as no one is interested in receiving an advertising message. We are all bombarded with lots of unwanted messages daily! The best brand stories often contain very few facts; rather, they convey an entertaining, informative, or humorous story that connects with people.

Deep Listening. Have you ever heard someone say, “You need to get inside your customers’ head”? That’s exactly what the protagonist of the movie does when the company signs a client of women’s products. Nick swallows his pride and follows the company’s assignment to get more “creative” with how to create ads that sell the products

Always speaking the truth is best.How often do you or your team members avoid the truth? This can happen to you now with your University projects, but it could also happen to you with your future job. Avoiding the truth is common when we aren’t performing at our best or (our) business isn’t performing well. The sooner you find yourself owning your truth, the sooner you can improve reality.Go for it!

Written by: Michela Simeoni

Edited by: Nicola Curci


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