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Storie di Brand: a new frontier to the branded podcast

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

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Max Corona, podcaster, of Storie di Brand meets BSMS Bocconi

Max Corona, podcaster, of Storie di Brand meets BSMS

In the booming world of podcasts, emerging can be very complicated, especially if you don’t have behind the podcast a brand or a community that assures investment and support to be a big success.

But the exciting part of the internet is that exceptions bring the most value to where these happen. One exception in the podcast context is “Storie di Brand”. We had the pleasure to interview Max Corona, the person who is behind this project.

What is Storie di Brand?

If you do not know Storie di Brand; it is a podcast made of short episodes which last around twenty minutes, built around the story that characterized the most famous Italian and international brands. Max started this podcast two years ago, and now it is durably inside the top 20 Spotify podcasts chart, with more than 20k followers on Storie di Brand’s Instagram page.


Reasons for the Success

But which are the reasons behind his success: from his point of view there are two key points that permitted him to increase the awareness of the podcast and build a strong community around it. First, Storie di Brand, compared to other business-related podcasts, is not strongly linked to actuality. Meaning that listeners can get value from listening to all the episodes and not just the last ones. Then, he wanted to provide the market of podcasts with something new, which none had ever produced. He told us that he went through the chart of business podcasts to understand what was missing, and this brought him to develop the idea of starting a podcast on the stories behind brands. It was his field of expertise, and he considered it a niche big enough to encounter the favor of many in the market.


What captured our attention during the interview was how he is collaborating with brands for his project. He reported that there are two types of partnership: the mere advertisement and the episodes realized in collaboration with a particular brand. Brands decide to collaborate in the latter partnership method since they see high value in their brands' story narrated with the effective storytelling of Storie di Brand.

Storie di Brand x Maserati

A successful example of this second type of collaboration can be the episode realized by Storie di Brand with Maserati, the world-famous Italian brand known for its sports car. The final goal was to reinforce the association between the brand and the aspect of innovation, which listeners could get through the main steps of the story.

Companies, then, can look at Max Corona’s podcast as an unconventional medium for their content marketing strategy with many advantages and low risk.

  • Podcasts are a powerful channel to deliver a communication message: the audio does not interrupt any activities, and entering into the routine of listeners is a fundamental element to build trust around the message.

  • Trust is reinforced by having branded and unbranded episodes which keep the same storytelling style.

  • As mentioned before in the Maserati case, there is the fundamental aspect of changing the perceptions about a brand, influencing the image listeners have in mind.

In the last years, we have seen firms trying to find always new ways for implementing their content marketing strategy. Storie di Brand can be an interesting alternative to developing an in-house branded podcast. A moderate investment will be required, and, at the same time, many positive outcomes will be granted by a project that successfully broke the rules of the podcast top chart.


"In the end, if done it right, branded content is just content." Max Corona

Here is the link to the podcast on Spotify: STORIE DI BRAND | Podcast su Spotify

Written by: Alessandro Benini

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