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Stranger Marketing Campaigns

Marketers love Halloween. Every fall, companies try to come up with horror ideas for their advertising. It’s like a challenge. Imagine workers in marketing departments waiting and planning their best campaigns for the 31st of October, waiting to see who’s gonna have the greatest ideas. This kind of reminds me of another Halloween challenge that happens every year:

Just like the detectives of Brooklyn 99 fight each year to establish who’s gonna be an amazing detective/genius, marketers also have to work hard as Halloween gets closer. And the results are sometimes very nice.

“I want my whopper”

Two years ago, just as the IT movie and the second season of Stranger Things were being released, Burger King created this commercial starring a boy running away from a bunch of people dressed as clowns. More clowns keep showing up from everywhere, and the chase eventually ends as the boy enters a Burger King store, but more clowns are there waiting for him, and one of them just tells him “I want my whopper”. The ad was not only a way to inform consumers about the Halloween promotion “come dressed as a clown and get a free whopper”, but it was also a not so subtle parody of Ronald McDonald.

This can’t be good

M&M’S Ghosted is another nice commercial, from last year. The two characters, red and yellow are just going away from a Halloween party, bragging about surviving to another Halloween without being eaten. But as yellow starts passing through things and floating like a ghost, he realizes that not both of them actually made it, and he just says “This can’t be good”.

Like Burger King’s commercial, this Halloween Pepsi ad is also a parody of its famous competitor (and it’s far less subtle). But this type of marketing often backfires, and it didn’t take long for Coca-Cola to respond. Both ads were very nice, but I think Coca-Cola wins this round of their everlasting rivalry.

Going back again to two years ago, you might remember seeing Stranger Things ads anywhere in Milan. As the second season was about to come out, Netflix brought the Upside Down in the city, with brilliant ads like the billboard in Piazza XXIV Maggio, and the dark decorations everywhere. You could even get to see some demogorgons walking around, and (but I doubt Netflix was behind this) a couple of spectacular sunsets made the sky look red and dark, incredibly similar to the sky above Hawkins.

Halloween is almost here again. So this year, who’s gonna be an amazing marketer/genius?

Written by: Nicola Curci

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