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TAVERNELLO X MACCIO brand entertainment

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

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We all know how difficult it is to develop an ad that appeals to consumers, and how much more difficult it is to capture the interest and arouse the curiosity of our target.

When it comes to video commercials, the best practices that are being consolidated in the digital environment prescribe the development of short videos (5-15 seconds) - so that they cannot be "skipped" on most of the platforms - developed to convey the message to users as quickly and accurately as possible.

Therefore, since they cannot be skipped, the user often watches them "unwillingly" and is likely to associate the feelings of annoyance and tedium, experienced while watching the commercial, with the brand represented (risk of halo effect).

How can the brand protect itself from this risk? One solution could be to turn the commercial into brand entertainment.

Tavernello X Maccio

Our case study is focused on analyzing the communication strategy implemented by the publisher Ciaopeople to promote and reposition the brand of Tavernello wines, turning an ad into a comic sketch.

Tavernello is the trade name for an Italian table wine by the wine cooperative Caviro, and its distinctive feature is the packaging in tetra-pack. Even though the brand of "Tavernello" wines is famous all over Italy, it is famous for reasons which link the brand to a poor and mediocre quality wine.The winery is aware of the stereotyped perception consumers have of its product and has started a communication strategy aimed at knocking down prejudices.

How to do it?

Through a language based on irony and a brand ambassador perfectly suited to the company: Maccio Capatonda (a famous Italian comedian).

In the branded video we see the testimonial struggling with the stereotypes that hang over Tavernello. If the wine is judged bad, then he - as the testimonial - is bad too?

On this premise, the company developed a 5 minutes video that has gained - in a few days - about 5 million views among the various platforms, demonstrating that the orthodoxy of a short and intense commercial is not always the best strategy.

The final message induces the consumer to reflect: "when we make a judgment, do we really know what we're talking about, or are we basing it on prejudices?" The answer is simple: Drink without prejudice.

Here is the link to the ad:

Repositioning can be very complex

Caviro tried to reposition Tavernello in the minds of consumers, not only through a sharp communication strategy, but also through a restyling of the packaging trying to enhance the image of the product and to give it a more minimalist and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Written by: Francesco Sorbino

Edited by: Alessandro Benini


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