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The Battle of Ads: Super Bowl Edition

We all know that the 52nd Super Bowl edition took place on Sunday 02/04. But how many of you – if you are not from the US – knew that the Eagles scored the decisive touchdowns? Maybe I’m just an outlier. But I prefer to position myself among the ones who remember this football event for stunning singer performances and catchy ads. Why are Super Bowl commercials always so innovative? Because, with an audience of more than 5 million Americans, companies are willing to pay up to $5 million every year for a 30-second spot on NBC Spots. This means they better rely on the best advertising agencies.


In the weeks preceding the game we published on our Instagram (@_bsms) pools comparing different Super Bowl teasers, asking for which one did you prefer. These are the ads we picked and your favs!


61% of you enjoyed M&M’s more. It’s surprising, considering that creative agency DBB’s Skittles ads were defined “the most exclusive Super Bowl ads ever”! The innovation comes from the fact that it was shown –exclusively – only to a lucky fan named Marcos Mendez. In addition to the teaser we presented you explaining the concept, other four ads had been released. Skittles’ Vice President declared he has no intention to release the real ad: we are left only with Mendez’s reaction on Skittles’ Facebook page. M&M’s moves in the same direction, since the ad is built on the critics’ reactions to the spot itself


With a significant majority (70%), Pringles was your favorite ad. Although it can be due to the unpopularity of the brand in Europe, last year AFM’s commercial was sincerely funnier. This year it tried to continue the humorous approach, presenting the versatility of Avocados beyond Mexican guacamole. Pringles was instead able of catching the attention in 30 seconds of just…“WOW”


Groupon made in 2018 its first appearance on the game, with Tiffany Haddish presenting how Groupon helps local business and save money to people. I’m in the 58% who has enjoyed this fresh ad more. But we should point out the different advertising strategy of Kraft. If Pepsi, Doritos & Mountain Dew’s (and Groupon as well) advertising budget was spent on Hollywood stars, Kraft built up a commercial by editing customer pictures published under the #kraft hashtag. Strategic – and cost saving.


Without any doubts –and besides its length! – Amazon’s Alexa commercial was the most effective(91% of preferences). In this unusual long ad, a bunch of celebrities lends their voices to Alexa, who has unexpectedly lost it. Again, we were here comparing two ads with different aims. Following last year direction (here’s 2017 commercial), Hyundai touched the American souls by promoting the Hyundai no profit “Hope on Wheels” pediatric cancer organization. “Hope on Wheels”.


The real winner of this competition is the product of the collaboration between Saatchi & Saatchiand P&G. David Harbour – Jim Hopper on Stranger Things – invites us to re-think at every ad we watch, since “if it’s clean, it must be a Tide ad”. In addition to a 45’’ ad, the other 3 commercials are built on commercial clichés, to be totally reversed at the end. If you are interested in the other commercials, I suggest this AdWeek article.

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Written by: Priscilla Greggio

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