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We need heroes. And good marketers as well.

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Endgame, the final episode of the Avenger's saga, is almost out. And the marketing behind it has been unique. Remember when for months we didn’t even know what the movie would be called? After the first trailer came out, the no-ads policy of Marvel Studios quickly changed, and now we have a new spot almost everyday. But don’t worry: nothing has been spoiled.

There was an idea, to use the same scenes over and over again, and to put fake scenes everywhere. This is what they did last year with Infinity War (remember the Hulk marching in Wakanda in the trailers?), and it’s what they’re doing right now. In an interview, the directors Russo brothers were asked what they felt when they filmed the scene of the handshake between Tony and Cap.

“That’s a very beautiful moment, and it’s my favourite scene in the trailers” said the interviewer, and his face when he heard the answer was pure gold, “Actually that scene is not in the movie”.

Not only a lot of scenes are fake, but most of what is shown in the trailers is actually made of past scenes from previous movies, or scenes from Endgame that have already been shown in other trailers.

This is maybe my favourite ad to a movie ever made, and not a single scene is new. Almost the entire trailer only shows scenes from all the previous movies of the MCU, with the music playing some of the different most iconic movie themes in an amazing crescendo, ending with the Avengers main theme, as a few (already seen) scenes from Endgame are shown.

Basically, it shows nothing. And it’s awesome. It reminds us of all the characters we loved, and of all the stories that lead to this, without spoiling anything. And to me, it reminds of all the time that has passed since I first saw these movies. As Tony Stark said, it seems like a thousand years ago, when I left the cinema after watching the first Avengers movie, and ads like this bring back all the hype of that day.

In four days, the movie will be released, and while I can’t wait to see it, I think I’m gonna miss these trailers. Luckily, I’ll be busy avoiding all the spoilers until I watch the movie, whatever it takes.

Written by: Nicola Curci

Edited by: Priscilla Greggio

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