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Welcome to the Upside Down! Milan wakes up in the Stranger Things world.

Let’s imagine that a day you wake up, go out and find a liquefied urban furnishings, wandering science experts who take samples of strange stains on the ground… welcome to the Upside Down! (the imaginary world of the series). Indeed this is the new communication campaign by Netflix to promote the new season of Stranger Things. The American entertainment company decided to design a new aggressive guerrilla marketing initiative in Milan.

Netflix designed a full campaign, starting from billboards to physical audience engagement. They arrive at the point of transform citizens into characters of the series. The effect? You go around Milan’s streets wondering: Will be there something else? And now? What happens?

Indeed, in just few hours, the city was completely invaded by strange elements, able to capture the attention and create citizens’ amazement. The most famous one is “the giant hole billboard” in Piazza XXIV Maggio. When you see it, you say: “What happened?”. You perceive there is something strange. Then, when you read it, you get it.

“The first time I have seen that billboard, I didn’t understand…maybe an accident? Later I read it and I realized. Absolutely genial.” (Lucrezia, 22 anni)

But the billboard is not the only successful element of this activation. Other examples are the poorly cared phone booth placed in Piazza del Duomo or the nearly destroyed pickup dominating the square near the San Lorenzo’s columns.

But the story is not over…

Netflix did a lot more. Indeed the brand did not distribute all elements randomly in the city, they were all linked to each other. Precisely near each attraction, there was a signboard inviting people to call 348 3232 1492. Dustin’s voice clip (he is one of the most beloved characters of the series) was in charge of answering the curious. The voice explained some steps to follow to discover the “Upside Down” and find the scaring Demogorgon. After this peculiar call, the user received a SMS with the city map to find others nearby supernatural events.

Thus, they wanted to create not only an advertising campaign based on strange objects’ presence but to involve both active and potential consumers into a real treasure hunt.

Obviously in addition Netflix organized a strong online campaign (mainly on Facebook), filling it with a lot of different upside down advertisements.

A successful Buzz Marketing?

For sure we can affirm it was a genial communication campaign able to unite different modalities: from visual/digital to experiential marketing. Furthermore it’s useless talking about the great media resonance. In just a few hours Instagram, Facebook, Twitter were obstructed by photos and comments of astonished viewers.But…what about the costs? Observing the entire campaign, marketing expenditures will have been exigent, but for sure the great Word of Mouth will have compensated them. We can surely say Netflix succeeded in making people talk about a Tv series not so famous in Italy (or certainly not so famous as Game of Thrones). From now on, thanks to this campaign, Stranger Things will not go unnoticed for sure. And you?What do you think?

Photos source: il Giornale

Written by: Giulia Mattioli

Edited by: Axel Castiglioni

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